“In Silent Wars you do not recognize the enemy because you do not comprehend the war.”



A quick review of the agenda of the Liberal World Order (Agenda 2030):

  • Designed economic collapse (reset for Central Bank Digital Currencies)
  • Hyperinflation ($ printing to avoid Govt. debt default + loot the last of fiat)
  • Energy crisis (behavioral control under scam of “saving the planet”)
  • Famine and food shortages (engineered)
  • Criminalizing individual food growth and farming (Australia+EU+UK)
  • Paying farmers not to grow food, sell their farms, or cull their stock (See the current Netherlands farmer revolt for the first resistance to this)
  • War (NATO’s goals for central banker resets)
  • False Flags (weekly in Ukraine, bi-monthly in the U.S.. . . )
  • New Racism and Social Divisions (CRT, privileged whites, and “oppressed” minorities)
  • Riots and Anarcho-Tyranny (NYC, LA, SFO, PDX, Chicago, Seattle, etc.)
  • Cyber Attacks
  • Releasing Bioweapons Into populations 
  • Forcing vaccination for bioweapons released
  • Faking pandemics for mass vaccination (the no virus position)
  • Gas lighting about side effects from mass vaccination (global warming, climate change, SADS, SIDS, watching TV, sleeping, snow shoveling etc.)
  • Martial Law 
  • Gun Confiscation (Unconstitutional gun “safety” bill recently signed into law)
  • WHO/UN Control (pandemic treaty coming soon for 196 countries)
  • Government Quarantine camps for dissidents (FEMA)

None of this includes the tyranny already underway for decades including unlawful collusion with tech companies for total digital surveillance, mass censorship, and control of information to psychologically manipulate and control populations, which is really the foundational groundwork that makes all the rest of it possible.



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